Congratulations to Michele Hagen of Woodbury, Minnesota for winning our $1000 prize basket giveaway! Michele and her husband Brent were on their Door County Vacation earlier this summer when they stopped in to Something Fishy. Michele picked out several wallets she really liked. She left the store so Brent could pick one to buy for her birthday. I wrapped up the one he chose cialis in ungarn. When he went to pay for her gift he found that he had left his wallet back at the hotel. He had to go out to the car to send Michele in to pay for her own gift. Michele is so happy now that Brent forgot his wallet. It was when she came back into the store that she signed up for our drawing.


The drawing took place on Sunday, October 9 during Egg Harbor’s annual Pumpkin Patch Weekend. You can watch the video on this page or watch us draw Michele’s name here on our Facebook page 

Thank you to the over 6000 people that signed up for the drawing online and in the store. We appreciate your support!