Several years ago, while attending the Atlanta Gift Show, one of my Sales Reps asked me to take a walk with him to a showroom that was a couple of floors up from where we were. He wouldn’t tell me why. We walked into an enormous showroom. They must have had over 100 lines represented in about a 10,000 square foot showroom. He still wouldn’t tell me why we were there.

The showroom was mostly general gift items and cookware…..nothing that would fit Something Fishy. I walked around a giant display of wind chimes and then I saw it. A tiny display table with some very cool and whimsical bags. I fell in love immediately. I knew they were perfect for Something Fishy and my customers. My Rep could tell by the look on my face that I was smitten. “Our sales group is thinking of picking this line up for the Midwest”‘ he said. He wanted my opinion. I knew I loved them and that I could sell them but his sales group wanted my opinion.

Would the bags sell in Minnesota, Iowa, South and North Dakota?


Yvonne owner/designer of Chala Handbags buy online

Yvonne owner/designer of Chala Handbags.

They were weighing their decision on two or three of the stores that they sold other lines to.  The owner of this brand new and very tiny company was standing there looking at me expectantly.
 Sales groups in different parts of the country selling her line would mean a huge jump in her business. I told his group to go for it. “Pick up the line and run with it”, I said.

Boy am I glad I did. She only had a few characters at first, mostly on tote bags. Over the last couple of years the line has grown leaps and bounds. She added wallets, purses, tech bags and on and on. Fall 2016 has seen the addition of some very cool canvas bags that have a definite boho feel.


 Something Fishy is fortunate to be the exclusive Chala Handbag retailer for Door County and we are now now proud to sell it online. The Chala 2016 Fall Collection has arrived in store. You can check out most of what we have on our Facebook page by clicking this link.

Chala’s motto is….Simple. Casual. Original. Our handbags are designed with just the right blend of whimsical playful fashion while maintaining practical functionality. Give your day a creative spin with our unique designs!

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