Custom Hand-Made Necklace by Lisa Seeber

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Hand made Sterling Silver wire necklace – made by Lisa Seeber, Owner of Something Fishy.

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I’m slowly getting around to offering some pieces from my store which have very special sentimental value to me. It’s hard for me to do this as some of my jewelry work was never really made with the intention to sell. 

One such piece is listed here now, and you can grab this one-off custom designed necklace on a first come, first served basis.

I made this necklace based on an inspiration from world renowned artist Alexander Calder, and I’ve named it

‘Where Water Meets Sky’.

I spent many weeks working on the technique of winding the wire loops free-form, without the use of a jig. People have asked me what my inspiration was for making pieces in this style, and I jokingly say that it’s a representation of my ‘monkey mind’, a little wild and crazy and all over the place when viewed up close, but step back a pace and you’ll see the form and structure and things will start to make more sense 😉

I’m particularly proud of this design and this specific piece and I want to find a good home for it where it will be worn with pride. 


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