Door County Destination Bracelet


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Graced with five State Parks known as the “5 Jewels in the Crown”, magnificent Cherry Orchards, Historic Lighthouses and Maritime history… and a summer vibe second to none…

Door County opens itself to cherished time spent on the peninsula, and The Door County Destination™ Bracelet is your symbolic “Key to the County”.

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A skeleton key, with stylized letters representing the peninsula, hooks a cherry motif and creates a union that evokes the “hook” that Door County has on the hearts of millions. Two 14 karat gold rope wraps signify a deep nautical heritage as well as Green Bay and Lake Michigan, which have both given their bounty for centuries and grace the peninsula with the pleasures of life on the water. For a day a week or a lifetime of weeks, Door County inspires with the lure of the water and a passion for fun, and the Door County Destination™ Bracelet is your symbolic treasure key to the joy and spirit of the “Cape Cod of the Midwest”… go ahead… unlock your memories!


You can see the different widths ranging from 3mm to 6mm in the product image above. (3mm at the bottom, 6mm at the top)
The average women’s size bracelet is size 7. The average men’s bracelet is size 8. If you are ordering any size other then the above recommendation please measure your wrist very carefully to avoid getting the wrong size bracelet.
You can do the following to find the right size bracelet for your wrist:
Measure the circumference of your wrist with a tailors tape measure and add 1/2″. Your actual wrist measurement + 1/2″ is your bracelet size.
Wrap a string around your wrist and mark where it crosses. Lay the string flat on a ruler and note the measurement. Add 1/2″. Your actual wrist measurement + 1/2″ is your bracelet size.


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